Happy Holler’s best spot for natural wines, cheap beers, and snacky snacks.

An assortment of wines and snacky snacks.
A wish you were here postcard.
Our motto is drink what you like & don't be a snob.


Who We Are

We are Zero/Zero (the slash is silent) and we'll be serving up natural wines, cheap beers, and simple snacks in a Happy Holler near you on June 9th! .

None of us are sommeliers and probably never will be, but that doesn't stop us from loving a dank Chablis. If we’re not sippin wine you can catch us drinkin PBR and watchin King of the Hill.

Our Name

The term Zero / Zero describes a style of wine making where nothing at all is added or taken away.

While not all of the wines we serve are made this way, we only serve wines that are sustainably and thoughtfully produced.

Wtf is Natural Wine?

Think low-intervention from farm to fermentation to bottling.

When additions are kept to a minimum, each bottle of wine is alive to tell a story of the land, the grape, and the producer that ~gifted~ them to us.


We would love to share a glass with you but the only moment we want to share with you is currently unscheduled :(

Opening Night: JUNE 9th...4PM-MIDNIGHT

Bring your mom for us, so we can say hi and feed her a Georgian amber wine. ;)

Follow the puddle gang. @zerozeroknox